Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Aca en Paraguay

Mangos and Guavas are so plentiful here they are more a nuisance than a boon.

Today I bought a straw hat for 10,000 Guaranis, or about $2.2.

I´m in the ¨New Cyber¨ internet cafe, al lado del plaza and the church. The town is quiet and peaceful. The buildings are very old. No one speaks English. This place is very far from the USA, except that internet pentration has increased rapidly in the past few years. My experience using computers here is the best I´ve ever had in a Latin American country. This machine has a flat screen, runs Windows 7 and Mozilla, and is fast.

There are 47 of us new trainees. Half are in the Rural Health program though, and are living futher out of town. I live a few blocks from the central plaza.

The people I´m training with are beautiful and intelligent and motivated. The family I live with is warm and caring. My host brother lives in the front part of the property with his wife and two sweet and adorable kids, Mattias 11 and Belen 15. I live in the back in a small house with Cristi and Artemio, my host parents.

You can´t get a proper mexi-coke here. They´ve got very small ones in glass, and liter and larger ones, but not the normal size.

And they eat avacado with sugar. I have not tried this yet. I´ll report on it the next time I write.