Saturday, April 9, 2011


Things I Wish I had brought:
CDs: especially classical music. (I´m glad I brought some heavy reading because I really have the time am patience to do it. The same would have applied with heavy-listening)

Winter Clothes: (it doesn´t get too cold here, in absolute terms, but there is no heating and no insulation. One is lucky if the windows shut all the way.)
My brown wool embroidered jacket
My fleece sweat pants/any pajamas
A rainjacket

Bike Tools
Short Socks
Better Shoes
A Tie
A History of God by Karen Armstrong
Moby Dick by Herman Melville
Northwest Trees by Stephen Arno
More handkerchiefs
My nice blue shirt
More boxers
My CDs

I´m thinking of going into San Lorenzo this afternoon to buy
Leather Sandals
A professional looking shoulder bag
A frying pan for my host mother
A leather belt for Johanna