Thursday, July 18, 2013


Welcome to my Peace Corps blog. I'm done writing here, but please have a look if you're interested in Peace Corps, Paraguay, or my silly life.

These are some of the posts I'm most proud of:

My ode to Paraguay

A run-down of one of my best days of Peace Corps service

A journey I took through the dark heart of the country during summer vacation

A short portrait of a pleasant evening in summer

An essay on the global entertainment industry, the third world and Opa Gangnam Style

A visit to the first part of the country I lived in and a profile of two friends/PCVs who lived up there.

A breakdown of all the cool stuff I made there

Some interesting comparisons from my statistics phase

Some philosophizing after my site change

My ode to buses

I guess I have a lot of favorite posts.

My essay on the relevance of rain and mud in daily Paraguayan life

My reaction to being suddenly relocated to a different site on the other end of the country 

Interesting experiences in my old site in the summer