Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Didn't really do anything today. Went to the library this morning, used the internet. Forgot to send the emails I'd been meaning to send. Downloaded NYTimes stories and NPR podcasts. Facebooked. Sat in the hammock all afternoon sweating. In the evening I went looking for the president of the library comission who said she would be back from Santa Rosa by then, but could not find her. Bought some molasses cake. It rained a little bit.
There are some things I could do, but nothing is urgent. It wasn't even an unusually lazy day. It's just summer, still. Things should get moving soon though. School will start, the weather will moderate, or a least fluctuate a little. I have to decide if I'm going to buy a fridge with american money. It would make everyone's lives easier. I have been feeling increasingly connected with my nieghbors, which is good, but which makes my Americanness awkward. It is so unfair that I get to have nice things, and they don't. I make myself feel better by thinking about my student loan debt, which is vastly more than the value of my things here plus what is back home in boxes. Technically maybe I am poorer than these people in the sense that I have a negative net worth (by thousands of dollars). That doesn't really work though. I have a laptopand a college education; Claudia's family cooks over a fire on the ground, her 14 yo. sister will hopefully pass 5th grade this year .

What a world.

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