Wednesday, March 14, 2012


So, in the interest of presenting Praguay to the outside world, it is good to have my own photos and bloggings. Because then there is a personal connection, if you know me, to my experiences. On the other hand, it is a little ridiculous that every single volunteer is taking all their own pictures and trying to recreate thier experience for anyone that cares back home. Other volunteers have great pictures which are relavant to my experience, but the data overload is so much that it is inconvienient to share everybody's photos, there are thousands, just from my "G" (group of volunteers that came into training at the same time as me).

Anyhow, sometimes I read a blog post that says what I'd like to say, and it would redundant to have to relate the same experience all over again. We all do go through many of the same experiences, which is one of the amazing things about being a Peace Corps volunteer. Even after returning to the States, ReturnedPeaceCorpsVolunteer groups are very popular because it is so hard for anybody who's never done this kind of thing to really understand.

I can make anything verbose and long winded...

Here are some blog posts I've enjoyed and felt I could have related myself nearly word for word, if I were so talented.

on the subject of trash and yard maintenance. I never thought I would be doing so much yard work in Peace Corps, and I wasn't even very guapo about it.

on the subject of Guarani

on the subject of terere

on the subject of what happens to your body in the campo

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