Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Some tips from the developing world


Some tips from the developing world for other citizens and governments to save time and money:

1. Don't use clothes pins, use barbed wire when drying your clothes.

2. Don't have your pet spayed or neutered, just kill the babies when as they come.

3. Don't worry about finding the right socket or adapter for your electronics. Just break or bend the prongs so they fit whichever wall socket you happen to have. Or as a backup you can always just take off the plug and stick the two ends of the wire into the holes of the socket.

4. DON'T install three-pronged wall sockets in a computer lab. See above.

5. Don't build fireplaces with chimneys inside houses. Just put up with cold, or put up with the smoke.

6. Don't have an income tax. Just let the free market sort things out. 7.5.12 National income tax passed after 8 years in congress. w00t!

7. Don't send kids to school for a full day. You can get twice as much use out of your schools if you send half your students to school in the morning, and the other half in the afternoon.

8. Don't send your kids to school when it rains. You won't have to do as much laundry.

9. Just use one motorcycle for mom, dad, the kids and the baby.

10. Don't read books or newspapers or magazines for pleasure, practice reading or writing with kids at home, or encourage creativity.

11. Don't build asphalt or concrete roads. Dirt/mud or cobblestone will do fine.

12. Don't install public trash cans. Everybody can just throw trash in the street, their neighbor's yard or porch, or out the window of the bus.

13. Burn all your domestic garbage. Everything the pigs and chickens won't eat.

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  1. totally agree. even on days i am totally blown away by kindness and beauty here, my compost bin gets stolen and then my dog brings back and rolls in dirty diapers.