Thursday, July 5, 2012

Impuesto a la Renta Personal

In my last post, of sarcastic tips from the develpoing world to save time and money, I wrote to do without an income tax. Paraguay's congress has been debating and who knows what else a law for a naional income tax for eight years. I am proud to say that today they finally passed it. It will be phased in over the next seven years, targeting at first the very rich, and then gradually adding the quite rich, the rich, and the reasonably affluent. This could go a long way towards improving the lives of the many non-rich in Paraguay, who have basically been passed over by the soy boom in this country of the last two decades. I sure a lot of it will be pocketed by corrupt officials, which is the most popular argument against new taxation here, but it should be enough money that some will got to building new schools and hosptials and paying teachers and doctors and other useful public servants more. Ojala.

Replacing the lack of income tax on my list will be:

6. If you have a gated property, don't ever take your dogs out for exercise. They can just get out their energy by barking all night long and keeping Ian from getting any sleep

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