Tuesday, June 7, 2011


At the library. Just finished the second session of Chess/Checkers club, which again was a success with just the right amount of kids showing up, and playing and having fun without destroying stuff, and then leaving peacefully after about an hour and a half.
The idea of the Chess Club is to get more kids in here with a sort of library-related activities. The space is really excellent for a small town in this poor part of the country, but it needs some work. First off, almost no one comes here for the books. A book is a wonderful thing, full of information, or stories, or pictures. But it`s not the one you want, or you can`t find the one you want, or you don`t even know what you want, it is not very attractive. I`ll be working with the library here to make it easy and more pleasant to use, so that hopefully it won`t stand quite so empty all the time.
I think a community bulletin board would be another step in the right direction.

Johanna visited me this past weekend. This was very good. It`s a 11-12 hour process to get from one site to the other however. I`ll be headed down her way the weekened after next.

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