Friday, June 24, 2011

Thumbs up

My daily life is a constant barage of thumbs up. Also everyone shouts my name when they see me. I don`t know how everyone decided this was the thing to do, instead of saying like`hola` or something.

So I`ve been in site for about two months now. I`ve been working in the school and in the library, though not that much still in the library. I would like to work on getting a system so that people, teachers at least, can actually check out books. I`d like to work on the organization and reshelving of the books. I`d like to work on the computers and rules for thier use. So far I`ve just got my weekly chess and checkers club, but I wasn`t able to do that this week because I was still in Asuncion, on my way back from visiting Johana for a very pleasant long weekend.

At the school I`ve been doing diagnostic testing these last few weeks of all the classes from 2nd to 5th grades. This is a quick test done one on one with each student outside of the class to find thier reading level. It`s not something that`s done here in Paraguay, and it can be really helpful in identifying students that need help and for forming class groups diffrentiated by level. I`m done with that so the next step is to actually be in the class modelling techniques, songs, activities, didactic materials, etc. This is a bit scarier, especially because my language skills tend to leave me when I`m in front of twenty-odd students and a teacher.
Trial by fire, I suppose.

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